“Vaginismus is a condition where the muscles surrounding the entrance to the vagina involuntarily tighten, making penetration impossible or painfully uncomfortable.”

To you, this might be a collection of words you’re not used to reading, much less saying out loud. To Vaginismus.com, it’s a tagline, a preview of a deeper (pardon the pun) issue. To some women, it’s a very real obstacle to intimacy, in every sense of the word. To this play’s protagonist, it’s just a challenge.


Brooke has just been given a diagnosis she views as dooming her to a lifetime of painful sex. She’s determined to overcome it, using awkward conversations, dating apps, sex toys, friends with benefits, and an obscene amount of that free lube from Planned Parenthood. It may hurt her every step of the way, but hey! At least she’s getting laid, right?

The Tight Team

Tight (Haha Nice) has always been and will always be a team centered on and powered by women and individuals of other marginalized genders.

Rebecca wears a red dress and holds a coffee in front of a

Rebecca Kane

Playwright & Producer

Taylor Thomson

Director & Producer

Emily Jeppesen

Actor (Brooke) & Producer

Performance History & Accolades

±Tight (Haha Nice) got its debut as a virtual streamed reading on August 16th, 2020, through CyberTank, The Tank NYC’s answer to virtual theatre during the pandemic-related closures of performing arts venues across the city.

±RyCo Theatricals selected Tight to perform an excerpt livestreamed on Facebook in a program called Broadway Book Club in March 2021

±The following summer, Tight stayed virtual, with streaming (recorded and edited all through the team’s computers) in both: DigiFringe, the digital platform for Orlando International Fringe Festival, the country’s biggest theatre fringe festival Rogue Theater Festival, where the play & playwright were awarded a residency to spread the message through the festival with no fees

±Tight has most recently been accepted to perform an excerpt for the O+ Festival in Kingston, NY, an event that supports the health of underinsured artists and musicians through festivals at which they exchange art-making and performances for wellness services

±Tight has additional distinctions as a Semi-Finalist in the Orlando Shakespeare Theater’s PlayFest 2022 selections and a Finalist in the Curious Creators Grant, sponsored by Curious Elixirs

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