Resident Playwright, Rebecca Kane, Tackles a Sensitive Subject at The Rogue”

“Painful sex is a problem for many, if not most women – albeit, not to the extreme of this character. The fact that this playwright is giving that a voice (especially a voice that isn’t always super serious, but can find the humor in the situation) is admirable and a breath of fresh air.”

SheNYC Arts

“Not only is the subject matter unlike anything I've seen depicted onstage but I don't think I've ever seen a character like Brooke onstage before. A character that is so in control of her body. We need more characters like this. Great theatre has a duty to shine a light on stories that are too often pushed into the shadows. Its should be a place where people can see themselves reflected and know they are not alone.”

Shaun Leisher, dramaturg and playwriting consultant

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